Addiction to benzodiazepines advice please?

question Advice benzodiazepine addiction please
I took temazepam insomnia for 6 weeks (the doctor) to see how id see if anyone was addicted to such drugs, and it was easy to solve … ? I feel as if I am not at all able to sleep without those pills ( Best answer:

After surgery, my mother, she was afraid she was addicted to hydrocodone. Her doctor said that people who become addicted to it, feel high. They therefore under the most … because they have a psychological need to feel again. Therefore, it is hard to stop cutting and burning yourself if you have this problem … it is a psychological necessity. But the doctor told her that if she took only for the pain, then they would not be a substance abuse problem in the most probable. I mean, he can not stop a good idea, cold turkey, because the body is always a natural inclination … you have people in IT. But there is almost always a fact, if you suddenly deprive your body of something it is used as a necessity.

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