… Boy died after spraying deodorant …. how many of you read the warnings about what I do I do not spray arm?

question nutterorsaintuchoose ? … Boy died after spraying deodorant …. how many of you read the warnings about what I do I do not spray the armpits
Boy died after spraying deodorant Thursday 20 November 13.41 Boy clock Sky News Print StoryEin 12 years died when his heart failed after spraying deodorant too, said an investigation. Content directly related tagged photos / boy died after spraying deodorant videos Daniel Hurley, from Sandiacre, was found, broke into his bathroom by his father Robert Hurley after using Lynx Vice Coroner’s Court Deo.Derby heard that the use of sprays in an enclosed space led to Daniel suffering Herzrhythmusst√∂rung.Herr Hurley tried to revive her son, but died in the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham on January 12, five days after he said the survey found wurde.Herr Hurley: “He was always putting gel on his hair and spraying deodorant and it was customary to sprinkle his clothes too.” The bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen and I made some tea and shouted into the bathroom to see if all was well. “I heard nothing so I shouted again, but received no response. I forced the door open and found Daniel in the bath.” Consultant pathologist Dr Andrew Hitchcock believes the autopsy on Daniel, said the investigation there was no evidence that he abused alcohol or drugs and South Derbyshire Coroner Dr Robert hatte.Derby Hunter said manufacturer Unilever provided adequate warnings on the boxes deodorant that large quantities are not used in a closed room soll.Er said: “It seems that the presence of a volatile agent caused the cardiac dysrhythmia Daniel deodorants widely used in the room Bath .. “I do not know how many people read the warnings about exposure awareness.” But people on the risks that these products to know about the cardiovascular system. “It is the verdict of Unfalltod.wot i I find shocking is not in a very responsible parents and it has never happened to me, do not let my teens just use this stuff and my girls in bathroom and … I do not know is that in not on my own like millions of others for friends and family for Christmas this year .. yes, it’s very scary Best Answer :

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