How does nutrition affect addiction?

question tipporia : How does food affect addiction
I heard about the dependence of carbohydrates, but that’s not what I meine.Ich my addiction (alcohol, drugs, food), what happened, what they eat? What happens to her body because her body needs the drug, but does it replace the hunger for food? ? Consider the needs of the body and they live with what is at stake, the dependence of the shopping and the Internet, it is also an impact on your response best diet:
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certain medications, your appetite and acts as a replacement Removed appetite, my advice stay well clear of all drugs, as they all certainly shorten the life heart! Gambling and shopping that your brain has a great ntural what some people may get food, if so, replaces it can not feel the need to eat more, much can be psychologically caussed

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How alcohol can affect your health or your physical appearance.?

question Gorgeous-The world is mine :!.? how alcohol can affect your health or physical appearance I work in a bar-club / night. So most of the time to drink in three days a week. in 19.Was are the disadvantages. asking, because I like taking care of yourself best answer.

Reply by Maria D
ann & # xe4; the .. the body, liver, etc.

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How did drugs that affect you in the long term?

question by Eddie Jones : As you long-term medication affected since my teens I do not have a case extreme, but certainly a regular user of ganja, “mushrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and alcohol, of course. Now & # xE0; the age of 23, I am completely sober for almost a year and I noticed that my mental state gradually again that can say a “normal” attitude, however, that in many ways I still see the world a good bit different than I do when I’ve never done that all have the & # XE9; toffe. I am interested to know how people who have used some or all of these drugs, found on a regular & # xE8; re, it affects memory, personality, outlook on life and mental health in general in the long term haben.Was

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