Alcohol Addiction

Dependence on alcohol is an addictive disorder where consumption of alcohol is uncontrolled and regular hugely affecting the drinker physically as well as socially. It is popularly known as “alcoholism” and can be treated under proper circumstances. Alcoholism is a problem where the drinker, in spite of knowing the potential negative effects of drinking continues to drink. Overcoming alcoholic addiction is difficult, more so if the drinker has been addicted to alcohol for quite some time. But however bad the condition of the drinker is, alcoholism can be treated with proper medical as well as psychological care.

It must be noted that recovery from alcoholism is a gradual process and in the early stages of recovery, the drinker will be in a denial mode and will not accept the fact that he is addicted to alcohol. One of the basic modes of treating alcoholism is to make the drinker aware of the fact that he is addicted to alcohol and hoe negatively it is affecting his life. This can be done by ensuring that the drinker compares the benefits of drinking with that of not drinking and choosing for himself which one is better. Making a drinker aware of the negative effects of drinking on his health and his social life can gradually help the drinker to realize that addiction to alcohol is a vice and it is then onwards that he will try to give it up.

Alcoholism can be only treated when the drinker is determined to give up. A set of goals must be prepared in order to approach proper treatment of addiction. The drinker must decide whether he wants to give up drinking altogether or simply cut down on the consumption of alcohol. Then comes the procedures of not being tempted by alcohol, maintaining self control even when consuming alcohol so that it does not go the an extent of embarrassment, announcing giving up or cutting down on alcohol so that people around can warn the drinker when the consumption level reaches a high.

There are also various self help programs, groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous where alcoholics can share their troubles related to alcoholism and follow a set of principles in order to help members. Drinkers must also shift away their mind to something else by meditating, reducing stress levels and interacting with different people as these help to divert the mind and reduce the thought of drinking frequently.

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