Does anyone know of a residential addiction clinics in Northern Ireland?

question Tia Maria : Does anyone know of residential addiction clinics in Northern Ireland This is for a family member with Alkoholabh

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12-step rehabilitation clinics in London?

issue of Orange Pixel : 12-step rehabilitation clinics in London I’m an alcoholic, I tried on Google but I’ts very confusing. I need a rehab clinic in London that AA after 12 stages of the program, one that takes you to the third & # xE8; my step .. they said that the program for 28 days or smthing dieHaben your information, phone numbers, ideas, experiences Thank you andvance Best answer: Wed Reply by Ginny Jin
Auskunftsdiensten.In the United Kingdom, you can contact a d & # XE9; sintoxication medical home. A nurse comes to medical treatment, you breathalises etc.I did not have a drop of 6 months ber

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Alcohol addiction Rehab Clinics?

Question by suefitz77: Alcohol addiction Rehab Clinics?

My husband is an alcoholic and has started going for counselling. I think that he needs rehab and I wondered if there are any in the UK that you don’t have to pay for as we cant afford it. Any help and advice would be great.

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Answer by Tek child
NHS have them,

go on to the NHS website and look up alcohol addcition

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