Crack Addiction

Crack addiction is perhaps the most dangerous form of addiction because exposure to cocaine for a long time leads to biological dependence on cocaine as well as mental health problems and one faces a tough time to get rid of it. But with proper measures, fighting crack addition is also possible even though a lot of effort must be put in. A lot of self motivation is needed in order to quit cocaine. Drastic changes in lifestyle are also needed in order to fight crack addiction.

A serious level of self motivation is needed in order to quit crack. During the early stages of quitting, the user will go through physical disturbances such as sweats, cramps, vomiting, severe headache but the motivation must remain focused and the user must not give in to these physical troubles. Depression and anxiety are also frequent visitors in the early stages of giving up crack addiction. A strong mindset must be maintained in order to go through these initial stages. If one is unable to do that and starts using crack again, it is very difficult to bring him back and start the treatment process once again.

Addiction to crack has often been associated as a form of escaping from one’s troubles and the user often suffers from low self esteem and a sense of being unwanted. These issues must be acknowledged properly before addressing the problems of crack addiction. A user must not dwell in the past and use his past as an excuse for crack addiction. It is recommended that the user thinks about the future and the positive aspects of it. Then he will be provided with hope which will act as a necessary tool to get them rid of his addiction to crack.

For users who have been addicted to crack for a long time, proper rehab is necessary. Antidepressants are prescribed for users as they help to deal with the mood changes crack users suffer from when entering rehab. In depth counseling of why the user started using crack in the first place and encouraging him to give up in order to lead a better life. Also various groups which offer therapy sessions for crack addicts help in altering their behavior towards themselves as well as the society because these two are the primary reasons why many start using crack in the first place.

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