Drug Testing

Drugs are a common fixture of our society. As a result, in the world we currently live in drug testing has become increasingly popular over the years, both for businesses to check on their employees or for sporting organisations to make sure that their sports stars (such as athletes) are not using any illegal drugs to increase their performance.

They are also used by some families who wish to make sure that their children are not using any illegal drugs or drinking alcohol and to deter them if they are.

There are various ways in which someone can test for drugs. Perhaps the best known method is urine testing, which involves looking at someone’s urine sample. These kinds of tests can be carried out both onsite or in a laboratory, with faster turnaround for the latter.

Hair can also be tested for traces of drugs. As hair takes a long time to grow it can show information of drugs use for a period of up to three months, though this method is harder as the hair must be treated first.

Saliva can also be tested as a less intrusive method which is much easier. However this method is not a refined as the latter two due to its recent implementation.

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