I need help, I can not even sleep?

question : I need help, I can not even sleep I’m still depressed, I am the edge am I? 21, I was a student at the university, but the pressure came to me and I knew I had to leave because I have a problem & # xE8, both in my home. I would have a stronger family because I was the youngest of the boys in my family, I met several times by my brothers . My father at home when I’m four months and does not care less about me. He is married with 3 daughters and has its own thing. My mother is an emotional wreck and it is easy for 24 / 7 I have not had any real friends in the & # XE9; school and none of them bother to keep in touch with me. The people I met in school and university, they only thing clean and do not have time began mich.Ich alcohol since the beginning of the year to make me feel better, and every sleep. I sometimes stay awake all night and day, sleep the next, this is one reason why I could not get together. Alcohol is too long to take effect, I started with pot and alcohol is thus rauchen.Mein life in ruins, I have no friends ; everything that I do not think I had no real friends to begin with. Believe me, I try to stay in touch, but I get nothing in return. I find it very difficult to trust someone, I’m so angry, that my family has always pass me and then used for m ‘& # XE9; constriction with metal chains to die. My brothers who live a few doors down has always struck me and call me names simply because they are uncertain, the party recently injured outside my local m, it was he who gave me my first blue Auge.Kann someone give me some advice on what to do, because I’m going to start me off I’m excited, I’m on the edge … Best answer : Wed response butter Cast:)
go see a therapist or a Me doctor about it

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