I think I may have a gambling addiction?

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I am currently in the worst situation I’ve ever had in my life. I am now 17 and almost 18 in a few months. My all pretty much turned my Xbox, I play about 12 hours a day (in summer, when I was not in school – I live in England ). When I was in high school, my grades suffered a lot of games like MW2, süchtig.Ich do not really have much of a social life, I have friends and go most of the time, but sometimes money is a problem, I did not work and really do not like to ask my parents for them. I accepted a few interviews in recent months, but not or anything. So I need a job. I go back to college on Friday I’ll have to back into a routine during the Wochentage.Wenn I return home from college every night, I play about 6 hours on the Xbox. So my scenario is that I think I need to find a new hobby that makes me depressed all the time playing online. I need a job for the weekend to start generating money for me, the socialization of the weekend evenings for my Xbox and I just try finden.Sollte the sale of a new group of friends, as are some of my friends like me. I am considering selling my Xbox, put on a new PC, but I know I’ll miss it. I really do not know what to do with my life in a minute, I feel depressed and I became very lazy in recent years Jahren.Einige would welcome input from Danke. PS (I’m not an emo kid or something something like that, I need only a few indications of what should I do with my life) Best answer .

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Gambling addiction – seriously. How do you resolve to use?

question biker chris : The addictive game play – seriously. How to fix, please help? Hi, you’re always in the situation where a good friend is a problem, advise you, but this is not enough? Well, it happened to this – I’ll be as brief as possible, but I am for an entry of any person who can not hope to propose a solution. I offered my advice and I will not repeat it here because I am very interested to know what everyone else thinks am. I have a very good friend who is currently going through a divorce, even in surgery must involve a significant risk of paralasis or death – and his son is too difficult to make matters worse, World of Warcraft Addict s

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