Alcoholism and drug addiction in general, what is the difference?

question Caffeine Fiend ? Alcoholism and drug abuse education, what is the difference
I am not at all to save … But I never understood that it would be an explanation appreiciate.Um site AA quote :”… we are now ready, the idea that, as far as we’re concerned, that alcoholism is a disease, a progressive disease that “cured” never to accept, but the. Like some other diseases can be stopped … “Is it purely a social factor of it as a” disease included? “The Social alcohol is to say more acceptable than heroin, so someone who is addicted is a victim, when the person with heroin addiction (which I do not believe or listed as a disease or mediaclly OR socially accepted) is generally not accepted in as victims in the same Weise.Gibt it even more this than meets the eye, or social norms, the new sind.Und incompatible, Im not trying to someone or the wind people are angry. I’m just not a lot of answers Best Answer verstehen.Vielen .
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Yes, it is purely for social reasons. The people in “high places” do not see themselves as addicts. As physicians, for example. Alcoholism is addiction, plain and einfach.Darüber, I’m an alcoholic, even if I do not have a drink in eight years. I do not consider it a “disease” at all. Cancer is a disease. Nobody made me large amounts of alcohol in the inclination of the neck. Call alcoholism a disease is an insult to people who are really sick. It’s an addiction.

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