Does anyone have information about an accidental overdose of prescription?

issue by Ruth M : Does anyone have information on accidental overdose of prescription drugs I am interested in number of people inadvertently? overdose of prescription drugs in Britain, no intentional misuse, but errors and mistakes, such as elderly patients how many pills to take if interested or have forgotten. All data and statistics are requested. A source is necessary for all the facts! Thank you best answer. Wed response David M
The answer clearly is that we do not know exactly how Todesf

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Liver damage from overdose abuse drugs or alcohol?

question catjam : the liver damage caused by an overdose of drugs or alcohol my friend who has difficulty in the past 2 years? fell ill with a liver problem and its becoming increasingly clear that he has a yellow tint to the skin, she is 35yrs alt.sie said, unless the damage of the liver by an overdose of paracetamol before 20 years. I know she drinks a lot, but never admitted what she has a lot of weight recently stress, it is possible that their liver lesions every year back or keep their drinking water has caused this? I can not remember a time when she was sick before his troubles, and yes she saw a doctor because they hope they are horrible the real extent of their identify problems and then they can take care she needs ♥ feels better answer: Wed response veritas5058
paracetamol overdose can cause liver damage, but I thought it would be e ; empty until now. They are likely to have jaundice and liver sclerosis suffered from excessive alcohol consumption. If they are yellow, they need to consult a doctor.

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