Paranoia, what’s wrong with me? .. Just listen to me?

question Rhiana rain : paranoia, what’s wrong with me .. Just listen to me ? I am a 21 year old woman. I was as young as I can remember I have always been very nervous. In my youth, I was struggling with anorexia, low self-esteem and anxiety.I had a terrible year when I was 17 years old, bullied school felt really low (but I do think ir; ltigt then). Then when I turned 18 I started to go clubbing and drinking. I went to college and became addicted to alcohol. (Drinking water, while I was in college bcoz my class was all girls) After this year, has re & # XE7; u many didntQualifikationen Sun did not have a job. I had been on a job applicant to the drinking water program and getting worse. Started a school for the unemployed. These people were really difficult, not used to this kind of people. Thought I was dying, (bcoz drink every day) and I wanted, cared no more enden.Dann I could not take it in2 and public toilets and cut my arm. I received help from doctors and my parents took tons of bottles under my bed, so I admitted that I had a Alkoholproblem.Anyway .. I had many other things. Violent friends discovered that he had lost a son / friends / all this crap …. I’m here. Im ok, but I have to struggle with depression. But lately, I sometimes feel like I’m crazy. I hate to sleep cuz terrible thoughts running through my head at night. But now its origins to today. I was in the bathroom and I thought it would go a murderer behind me, I was too scared for my face just to waschen.Ich somebody followin me, so I actually saw a man comin on the road quickly, so I legged home. Sometimes I look in the mirror and be afraid. My mind races and I hate it. I think the scary faces and blood and terrible things. I cry when I see an animal killed or mistreated. In about emotional and paranoia is like a trap i can not aus.Da get all these things, I feel that my mind is sick. I do not know how to make the normal girl who I was. In fear of losing it. Whats worng with me ????? What can I do? {I do not leave the house. I can not really be too nervous bcoz the people. is still thought that I want more than anything else} best answer. Wed response by Ira Mency I can tell you
have a lot in your life and you should be proud of the fact that whatever efforts have been times when you can be fired through it. They won bullying, drinking, cutting, and the violent boyfriend. She asked for help and managed to escape. I just had to admit the problems and came out of courage and willpower and determination. So, basically you are strong, no matter what the problems are. We all make mistakes in life and had problems, and you erhalten.Ich by this’m not a doctor and I can not say if in fact your mind is sick, or you may be a bipolar transistor or anti-anxiety drug.but it looks like you a lot of stress and stress that things are happening. This also applies to the Internet, why your thoughts are racing and stress you do not want to sleep at night. In turn, lack of sleep makes it so funny things in mind and reduce stress and Wohlbefinden.Zur try with these feelings that you speak & # xE0; your academic advisor or to find a doctor to see professional advice, what to do & # k XF6; can soothe your mind and break the treat ED pressure. You have reached the same doctors for help, and why not redo it? A new regime, some exercise to reduce stress and perhaps physician good advice will help you get through this lump in your life. Remember, life is full of these little bumps on the road, but you will prevail.

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How do I keep suffering from anxiety and paranoia of years of smoking drugs?

question by Bossman ™ : How can I prevent suffering from anxiety and paranoia for years smoking drugs in the 20 years old andi suffer from bad panic attacks? To buy and anxiety. I used to smoke cannabis every day a few years ago and sometimes other drugs did as a teenager. I spent a few years back and I do not take drugs and only a light drinker. So I think my past to take drugs is to blame. Can anyone give me some advice on fear of suffering from depression …. Please help me Best Answer: Call Wed response SweetlyEvil
your M

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