If you give up alcohol, no life really boring? You do not lose the spark?

question of Tory Fascist bastard : When you give up alcohol, no life really boring? You do not lose the spark? I wonder whether to give up alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic at the moment – I drink 20 units a week (no exaggeration), although 10 of them in one evening every two weeks ( BPD binge drinking) But if you do not drink, do not. lives of all are two-dimensional? I mean, it would be like to spend your life as an older man. I can not deal with learning and flower garden at my age (36 men) tun.Auch one of my friends from my drunken behavior – he was if entt & # xe4; uscht when I came into the pub and was sober the whole night – I know my drunk chance cheers ihn.Ich think it’s a fear of losing my youth to & # XE2; Average age vielleicht.Wie you are with the subject of alcohol? (The reason I, for this clock because I am taking SSRI antidepressants, and it is recommended (not required do not drink), if not among those last. that was my loss of mind Answer 5 years Best getan.Dank: D

response by chris g I
have never drunk alcohol in my life, and while there is always room for improvement, , turn around with my friends and getting up to all sorts of crazy things can be done without alcohol, let me assure you life is only two dimensions, if u anyone. Have a good when no alcohol is great, because you to be creative with how you can talk to, rather than a drink. Think of it as a opportunity to learn new things

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CAMH is why they always say I’m good when I’m really not?

question ησ яєα ℓ у ℓ, ωσ & ; # x3B7; ∂ єяѕ нαρρєη : Why CAMH is always say I’m good when I’m really not ? I went twice. Both times they sent my mother a letter, I am beautiful! The first time was after I kept running away from home, refused to go to school because of harassment that I went through all 4 years I was at this school was shocked, and had become pregnant with fear, because I went through a phase where the guys to use me for sex because nobody else seemed to be in me for another reason, but the R & D r sex interest. I drink too much and smoking and drugs, because all I wanted to do was hurt me in ways I would like to help. I was almost ready to be put on hold because I abused my parents! One woman looked at me and asked me some things and made me fill out a form … A few weeks later my mother received a letter from women who say, I was fine and she does not think I needed any help at all, my mother always said that I really did not, and yet they would not listen to her even though she had never seen me once! So this January, I started to self harm, cutting along the tops of the arm with a razor blade. It got to the point where I have done at least twice a day. My friend at school saw my arm and I talked and he made for me to agree with him to talk to a teacher on the faculty one that I felt weak. The school referred me to the school who then referred me to CAMH GP. I told the doctor that I was involved with them in the past, and they have made away from me. At this point I really felt suicidal! So I went to go see again the same women I had my first at CAMH. She asked me questions and I filled the same sheet as the first time. I told him how I cut myself and I just wanted to cut down the back, and I felt suicidal. But somehow my mother received a letter from them saying I’m good, I really think I suffer from bipolar depression, Pluto , t than normal because it now for years in cycles (at least 6 today). I go through phases of feeling really low and then mood slightly, but either rise or fall suddenly zoom in on my mood and it is unpredictable when it will happen but the Lord made room mood swings, I found a reason to notice. Some days I talk fast and I find it hard to get my words because my mind is also a fast zoom. days and others I can not take my words as they recline as I can not think fast enough to cope with normal speech. I have days when I am incredibly whiny and just go hide or just me umbringen.Es is so frustrating because all I want to be normal like other kids! To the lady that I said I do not think behavioral problems, behavioral problems getting people to attempt suicide and self harm, as in the past I best answer: Wed response. CAMH
I go, if his opinion is here with phsyciatrists then that’s where I’m going .. I read that and it all sounds like me. I hurt myself and had suicidal ideation and severe depression and hiding from the world and not go to school in the age 15. So I have to question and understand how things really haben.Ich you live. And share what you have here, you do not sound like “fine.” Maybe you havent told them enough, because you really need to open up and tell them exactly how you feel. Her mother was to see how you act, and note that you do really well and it should be erkl

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Has anyone had relief from major depression by using herbal remedies?are they really strong enough to help?

Question by AJ: Has anyone had relief from major depression by using herbal remedies?are they really strong enough to help?
Hi everyone,Does anybody out there use any type of herbs to treat their depression/anxiety?,does this stuff really work or is it just barely noticeable what if any help/relief they provide,I have used a lot of drugs in my lifetime and I mean A LOT,A-Z you name it I’ve done it,all the benzo’s,opiates,ssri’s are all addictive and only cause me more problems in the long run,I have exhausted everything there is except for herbal remedies,the only thing that has ever helped me is opiates but I just can’t keep on doing the stuff,it takes your life away and leaves you an empty shell,all those drugs like prozac,paxil,wellbutrin,blah blah blah have no effect on me and are completley worthless to me,I need relief from serious dark depression and crippling anxiety but I don’t want to do pills or dope and I hate smoking pot or drinking,there just seems to be no hope at all anymore,does anyone know of any mixture of herbs that has a fast onset that can bring a person some relief without all the addiction side effects?,,I fu****n hate drugs,I used to think that they were the answer but I’m old enough and wise enough to know that they are only adding to the problem which only gets worse day by day,I truly feel I’ve exausted everything,herbs are the only thing left,I should be so happy with my life right now,I’m marrying the girl of my dreams that I knew for sure did not exist,everything I ever wanted to acomplish I pretty much have,I should be so happy but instead I am perpetually in a dark place,I just wish I could feel happiness and enjoy all the things god has blessed me with.Please if you have expierience with taking herbs could you please post what they’ve done for you and how they make you feel,I have such serious doubts as to the power and effectivness of herbal treatments for depression,please if you can shed some light into my corner I am very greatful
I am greatful for all the fast replys,I can relate with everything everyone has said,I do understand the spiritual aspect of dealing with this problem,I was once a very spiritual person,I pray and do ask god for help and guidance,he has pulled me from the fire in some ways that are nothing short of divine providence and I say this with the utmost surety,but I really think I’ve got an issue that is not spiritual but chemical,I am a creative person(or was)I can be in bliss for an hour but then come down so hard that I wish I were dead,everyday is a mind numbing roller coaster ride and I’ve tried every drug there is to try and even myself out,both doctor prescribed and self medicated,when I found out I had a bulging disc in my lower back and was given an open script for opiates instead of them working on the pain they completely leveled me out,for the first time in my life I was able to actually do everyday normal things like everyone else,for the first time in my life I felt free
Everyones answers are all so good and helpful I cannot not choose a best one because they’re all good,I’ve been giving the st johns wort some thought but have my doubts about it’s strengh,I’m going to give it a go tho,I have nothing to lose,I am at that greatly anticipated crossroads in life,the old ways are fading away and all the things I dreamed of are coming true,I always thought I would be so ready and prepared but instead I am worst state of mind I could possibly be in,it’s just so confusing and dis heartening,I would say it’s not fair but I have nothing to weigh it against to say what is fair and what is not,thankyou everyone

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Answer by lunahealer
You need more help than herbs or drugs.This is a matter of teaching new ways to see life and feel happiness.I can work with you at a very reasonable price.Contact me at www.LIvePerson.com/Antoinette-Proffer-Ms-Bs, read my profiles and feedback.

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