such attitudes can influence someone’s behavior in relation to drug use.?

question annab3938 .? Such attitudes could someone’s behavior in relation to drug use affect Type 2 distinct examples of how attitudes could someone compared the behavior & # xE0; drug use auswirken.In each example, tell how a different attitude in this situation is the result of this has affected your sind.1 examples should relate & # xE0; education medication 1Beispiel 2This is a question of my drug awareness that I have no idea. If u can help that would be really nice. Thank you best answer: Wed response Kara
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Take what the British government in relation to drugs or teenage sales?

question by Loren : What the British government feel about teenagers to take or sell drugs how they intend to tackle best answer this problem: Wed response James M
I think you have to r & # XE9; lay that question to the government, because only K

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