Does anyone know of a residential addiction clinics in Northern Ireland?

question Tia Maria : Does anyone know of residential addiction clinics in Northern Ireland This is for a family member with Alkoholabh

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Where is a rehabilitation center for alcoholics good residential in London?

question other boys : Where is a rehabilitation center for alcoholics good residential London One is the Government funded London? ! England Best answer: Wed PAUL response
London, Ontario If the answer is yes?. Alcoholism is a disease, and as such is covered by health insurance number. Tell a rehab clinic for more information. You must start from the influence of alcohol before treatment anyway kann.Je more people you talk, the more chances of finding Sie.Bitten AD & # xE8; s AA Meeting will give you a ton of information on this subject. These are people who have been there and are on track to better health!

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Are there any other alternative as a residential rehabilitation?

question Josh : Is there another alternative as a residential rehabilitation to do something more intensive than outpatient everything? that might be near South Beloit IL or Chicago, if you do not know what that is. Somthing i cld do have with my gf, who lives across the country now hold, they want me to go out on the bridge and I do not really because of the limitations of telephone calls and visits, I just do not think that I rehabilitation need that ive smoked and 6 months, all I will ever be for those of you who say I have done somthing might hospitalisationil my probation officer agree something good is that works that can be a substitute for residential rehabilitation, outpatient care, but more I do not know if something like it in the only surprise I would really the one I do not think its right Best Answer:

you need a course in the development of self-confidence, the will (autonomy ) and common sense, your local public library or a college would be a good start. It is a weakness of man to command others for our own inability to curb excesses and do things we blame # XEA & m, my. Good luck. God bless you. Glad Gran. Monday, January 3, 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR

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