What do you do when you know someone is on drugs, and they keep the cold, this is where the immune system is weak?

question nicecupofteanicecupofcoffee : What do you do when someone on drugs, and they keep colds know it’s there immune system is weak ” / strong> or damaged or do you think this is a serious infection such as AIDS, I have to take care of a sick person weak and I fear it comes to new cold because they have another cold recovered. If the person who takes drugs to leave the house when I run with Dettol to avoid germs. Unfortunately, there are many questions, but I need help thank Best Answer answearing. Answer from

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Support will drink as much as I can flush my system out?

question biker SST : Going to stop drinking a lot, how can I flush out my system Well, I ‘I decided that I drink so much alcohol as before and take only do on special occasions. So basically, I’m almost as flush my system as you would with a detox, but not food. ? Any better ideas Answer: the answer

Drink 8 glasses of water a day This bo; LinkedIn improving all the toxins from your system, your skin and relieve tension in the water in your body and you can see for yourself ; lose weight too.

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